What our Customers say...


I called SERVPRO and they dispatched the team from SERVPRO of Lowell. They were prompt to get to my location and even gave me a couple of options of things we could do and worked with me on the best plan of attack. I felt like a partner with how they treated me and my building. After all was said and done I couldn't have been more happy with the results from this office. SERVPRO of Lowell is now one of my vendors and they earned that by being trust worthy and treating me like a friend more than a customer. Good job guys!

Being the manager of a older building in the city of Lowell it is common for me to have problems with my building. We had a sewer backup occur in the middle of the night so we called SERVPRO and within an hour someone was there cleaning up the mess and setting up equipment for us. The crew was fast and very good at what they do. I have used their services before and I am always so happy with the results and timeliness of their services. Thanks again SERVPRO of Lowell! 

As a Insurance professional I talk and work with a lot of vendors. I have never gotten such quality work out of them like I do with SERVPRO of Lowell. They have never done me wrong and I look forward to continuing doing business them . Thanks Jim and Vinny!

I had used the services of the Lowell SERVPRO for a small carpet cleaning job a few years ago. I was very happy with the job and the outcome . Recently I had a sewer backup happen . I decided to call SERVPRO of Lowell again to come see the issue I was having. Let me just say I was more than impressed . They were so knowledgeable of what to do and how to attack my problem. I told all my friends and family if they have an issue with water or just a general cleaning to call SERVPRO OF LOWELL!!!! Thanks again guys. 

I had someone suggest a different restoration company to me and they never showed up! I called SERVPRO of Lowell and they were on site in 25 minutes and the Job was finished that day! I have referred SERVPRO of Lowell to someone I work with as well and the result was the same. Fast , friendly and the job was done right! Thanks SERVPRO of Lowell. 

I always call SERVPRO of Lowell for any situation I am dealing with when I have a loss on a property that I manage . They are always fast to arrive and do a great job for me. As a property manager its hard to find a good vendor . But SERVPRO of Lowell is always there for me when I need them and I can rely on them to do it right!

The people at SERVPRO of Lowell are always so good to me as a property manager. Whenever I have a problem they are always there to help within an hour of me calling them to come and check things out with people and equipment. There is no other vendor I would use to service all my properties . They are fast , reliable and honest!

Alan, Tim, Lewis, and Steve were great! Great communication throughout the whole process from everyone. The crew were focused on getting the job done the right way and fast. Within a few hours of them working in the house the place looked so much better. Vinny and Jim have a great team working behind them. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Lowell to all my friends and family. 

We had a house fire that caused fire soot and water damage in our entire home. We called SERVPRO in the middle of the night and Jim Brown arrived at our house early the next morning and immediately started making it livable again. It's a very stressful to experience a house fire, Jim kept us calm and created clean living space quickly and perfectly! Jim is so experienced in the process he also helped in little ways I could have never imagined. Shout out to his team Alan, Lewis , and Ramon. Thank you for everything! Highly recommend !

SERVPRO of Lowell is the one to call! The team is responsive, knowledgeable and most definitely go above and beyond! Jim & Vin, and your team, thank you for all you do for your clients! Everyone should follow your lead.

I’m very pleased with the cleanup and your two employees you sent to do the job.

Thank You Jim

Hello Tim,

Your visit to our home after the water leak was reassuring that the damage would be cleaned up. Once your team arrived they solidified that fact we contacted the right company. The water, debris were removed and drying equipment was placed with minimal disruption to our family.

Thank you for making it "Like it ever even happened"

Michelle your loyal customer

Who are you going to call when disasters strike? SERVPRO of Lowell!

We had some vandalism at our facility they broke the outside faucet dumping several hundred gallons of water into the lower level. Our first and only call was to SERVPRO of Lowell their team was on site within the hour ready to service. We experienced minimal disruption our employees returned to work the following day only to find equipment operating. The final days of services SERVPRO steam clean carpets and refinish the VCT.

A special thanks to all.

Kristen G


We called several emergency service companies all calls went a third party or answering service.

We took an employee’s recommendation call SERVPRO of Lowell surprisingly a team member answered live. Your team was scheduled for flood restoration services when SERVPRO was partially complete several of the others called back. Thank God for SERVPRO of Lowell! We don’t know what we have done without you our business continued without a hitch.

Customers for Life!

Larry B

Jim & Vin,

We connected with your company through 1-800-SERVPRO.

What an experience! Our initial conversation with 1-800-SERVPRO was seamless when I spoke with your office staff. Many thanks.

Surprisingly your team is on point with the corporate office I deal with a lot of Franchise companies the majority work around the systems.

Your team; Tim, Elise, Corey and Ramon I can’t say enough while Tim and walked the property Elise, and Ramon began working as if they could read Tim’s mind. Corey began staging the equipment. When Tim and I finished the bulk of the work was also finished.

That was amazing!

Now my team could leave at a decent hour in lieu of a late night.

Thank you for the experienced professionals!

Kim L

We had a fire in one of the roof tops depositing smoke/odor throughout ductwork. SERVPRO of Lowell cleaned and deodorized the duct work. One call our problems were swept away.

Jose, Ramon and Elise are assets to your organization.

Thank you,


Maintenance Supervisor

Who knows mold? SERVPRO of Lowell knows mold. Jose and Patrick removed all of the affected materials along the lower level offices entry. They set up poly and machines to protect our employees.

This is a team of professionals! Amazing job!!!

Thank You,

Hector C

Like it never even happened. I’ve seen that statement within your commercials didn’t believe.

Our company recently suffered water damage from the cafe sink.

The team was amazing 5 days later it’s was "Like it never even happened." The walls, carpet were dry and everything that was moved was reset.

Thank You!

Jerry F

Dear Jim & Vin,

I called your office Joe was super accommodating our production department couldn’t be interrupted during the business day. He scheduled Tim for 5:45pm your crew arrived around 6:30 they did an amazing job cleaning up the water.

Thank you for not causing interruptions our clients thank you as well.

We would like to retain your others services throughout the colander year.


Johnny Finn

Building Manager


We contacted your office no one was available to inspect our water damage while I was on site. You took the call and scheduled yourself to address my concerns. Your team arrived later that evening lead by Patrick, my maintenance technician Harry stated “Patrick and his crew were amazing. “

When I returned the following day, you and your team exceeded my expectations. Words can’t express my gratitude but I try, I appreciate your response knowledge and your team’s ability to complete the restoration allowing my company to remain operational.

We are looking forward to the ERP you discussed.

Thank You!

Rocco Manning

Western Ave, Lowell

Jim & Vinny

We had a small water cooler leak your team inspected, extracted, dried and cleaned the foyer carpet. During the inspection Tim noticed a small black section of wall just of the base cove he contacted a testing firm, it was surface mold. Tim’s team removed the base cove, clean up the mold and re installed base cove.

When you say, Like it never happened I’m a believer!

Thank You,

Laura N


We called SERVPRO of Lowell at 6:45am for a flood in the elevator pits. Joe asked is the elevator cable or hydraulic? It’s cable. Joe stated “we can service” When the elevator service company was arrived SERVPRO’s team was there.

They pumped and extracted the pit.

They made a bad situation Like it never happened.

Thank you!

Charlie B

When disaster strikes I call SERVPRO of Lowell Our kitchen ansul system went off covering everything with ansul powder several days before a wedding. SERVPRO of Lowell inspected set up scrubbers, vacuumed, cleaned and saved the day.

The wedding will go on.

Rick B

SERVPRO of Lowell,

Our property was affected by tree damage during the past storms. Our first call was to a competitor, whom stated “we’re booked solid until next week. “We began a fanatic search; several other companies had the same response. Our neighbor Jeff suggested we call SERVPRO of Lowell Vinny answered and stated “we’ll place you on our list.” As I informed Vinny we need to re opened tomorrow. The damage is severe and water is entering the building. He sent Varano builders to our property to remove the limbs and board up the broken windows. Later that evening Vinny, Jose, Patrick and Ramon showed up dealt with the standing water and dry the building.

The following week Varano builders returned to complete the repairs.

I’m glad your competitors were too busy!

You now have a customer for life!

Thank you for listening and responding to our needs.


John Ripley

Building Manager


To my new friends at SERVPRO of Lowell

We’re amused with the commercials including Stormy and Blaze. Now that we needed your assistance when the sprinkler burst in the lobby your team of heroes arrived to save us I will look differently at the commercials.

Thank you for being our heroes!  


John Davis

One of our buildings had a major fire we hired our service provider. They were in over their heads with the restoration. When the tenants in our neighboring building complained about the odor we contacted our adjuster he suggested SERVPRO of Lowell.

Jim assured us they were capable of handling this project.

He was right! His team of 14 cleaned 26 units in 2-1/2 weeks with little to no disruption to the tenants.

Jim and his team exceeded our expectations. SERVPRO of Lowell is now our premier restoration company.

Thank you for your service!



Our smoke alarms sounded in the cafeteria the fire department determined the fire was in the trash chute. Although, the fire was extinguished quickly, the smoke affected 3/4 of the building.

Our carrier suggested SERVPRO of Lowell. We’re glad they did.

SERVPRO set air scrubbers and restored 1/3 of building allowing us to maintain operations and the remaining section of the building was returned to us within the week.

Our hero’s SERVPRO of Lowell!

Luis M

Jim & Vinny

My office contacted your team last week for a sewer in our building we called and spoke to Tim he and your team was onsite within the hour. Tim inspected while the team began the clean up. When we open for business the only sign of disaster was the equipment left to dry. I am now a believer Like in never happened.

Thank you and your team for all their efforts! I will tell everyone about the fanatic service.


Bill Dailey

Mr Grande:

I wish to express my gratitude for a job extremely well done. Technically, two jobs—the cleanup from the water damage sustained due to ice damming. And the subsequent mold remediation. It is unusual these days for a homeowner to employ a contractor he knows essentially nothing about, and experience such hassle-free, high quality results. Both jobs were scheduled promptly, attended too immediately, and completed as promised. Additionally, your workers were always polite and conscientious. On the final day of mold remediation, they worked for over 9 hours and took less than a half-hour break for lunch, which was the only time they stopped. If in the future I hear of anyone who has sustained water or fire damage to his or her home, I will heartily recommend SERVPRO of Lowell with no reservations whatsoever.

On February 13th of this year, my dental office suffered two pipe bursts flooding our entire office for approximately 15-20 hours. Unfortunately the flood was not discovered until the next evening February 14th, whereupon we called SERVPRO immediately. We were informed that they would be at our office promptly at 9am the next morning.

On Monday morning, Presidents Day. Mr. Brown and his team arrived at 8:30 and for the next several days they worked to dry out the interior of my office. I was impressed with the knowledge Mr Brown had in the use and placement of their equipment. The concern he and his team had for implementing the success of the project. And their dedication to making sure that our health care facility would have an air quality that would once again be safe for our patients.

Not only did SERVPRO stand by us through the week that we were forced to close. But Mr Brown has been available since the disaster for follow up support as we needed it

He and his team should be commended for their professionalism, their commitment to their work, and their reliability concerning the objective of total cleanliness.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any of my colleagues and friends

Thanks to you, your company, and Mr Brown.

During heavy rains, I discovered several inches of raw sewage all over my basement which I use for storage and laundry purposes only.  The sewage in my basement was a result of road construction and pipe repair going on down the street from me.  SERVPRO immediately responded and began clean up! They followed up the next day to apply additional treatment and make sure their equipment was running appropriately.  We are thankful that we contacted SERVPRO and commend the team for their fantastic work at our home!  We have recommended SERVPRO to all of our friends.  Many thanks again!

We had a house fire that caused fire soot and water damage in our entire home. We called SERVPRO in the middle of the night and Jim Brown arrived at our house early the next morning and immediately started making it livable again. It's a very stressful to experience a house fire, Jim kept us calm and created clean living space quickly and perfectly! Jim is so experienced in the process he also helped in little ways I could have never imagined. Shout out to his team Monte, Corey and Elias!. Thank you for everything! Highly recommend !

Best SERVPRO around. They have a terrific team, kind, understanding, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. Jim and Vinny, thanks for all your help.

"I've had SERVPRO at my house 3 times in 8 years. always professional & clean. Appreciate the consideration."

Kudos to Jim Brown for all his assistance and understanding especially his communication.

From what I can tell SERVPRO of Lowell did an excellent job following my fire. When this occurred SERVPRO of Lowell was the only service I was interested in using because of prior experience in 2012 with their work.

Amy C. Jimmy Brown is the only guy I would ever use. Trustworthy and honest! Did work for us years ago after sustaining water damage

PRAISE FOR SERVPRO, SERVPRO Lowell!! I suffered a flood in my basement. Frantic, I employed the first person who said they could come right away to extract the water. Needless to say, this person did a sub-par job, AND charged me 3 times what the job was worth. When I told my friend my situation, she referred me to Jim Brown of SERVPRO OF LOWELL. Luckily enough, I got Jim on the phone, and explained my plight. Jim was at my home within 2 hours, taking time out of his busy schedule. He inspected the damaged basement and knew I was 'taken to the cleaners', so to speak by the person who attempted the water cleanup. While at my home, Jim called this person, and after one and one half hours on the phone, convinced him to reduce his bill by about $2,000.!!!!! SERVPRO came back to my basement and did a GREAT job cleaning up. I am Jim's fam for life - He treated me like family. I will never forget what Jim did for me in my time of distress. He went way over and above his scope with caring and concern for me. I WOULD RRECOMMENT SERVPRO OF LOWELL TO ANYONE, ANYTIME...

Hi vinny thank you for your company's service, the tech did a great job he's a great worker most importantly I thank you for personally coming out to help us with the assessment and adjustment of cost, fantastic customer service on phone and in person,I will use and recommend  your Lowell SERVPRO company in the future. I'm a very pleased customer thanks for being pro's.

The staff at SERVPRO of Lowell where very helpful during a very busy and stressful time.

SERVPRO of Lowell was effecient in their work and handling my concerns. Specially my concerns with asbestos possibly being in my walls.

I appreciated their thoughtful explanation of the work, they truely respected my concerns and home.

First time working with SERVPRO they where very throrough and great customer service. They answered all my questions. I would recommend SERVPRO to others!

Very impressed with the work as well as how dedicated and hardworking the employees at SERVPRO of Lowell are!

We want to let you know that your employees were excellent, very informed and they did a great job. They left our home  spotless . We thank you for your Excellent workmanship.

After my water heater let go in my basement and we got flooded in the middle of the night, I call SERVPRO immediately. They came very quickly with huge dehumidifiers and fans. They had to empty the contents of the basement, and carried the container tubs outside to a rented storage shed. They also arranged for this rental, and also got Junk King to come and pickup damaged items. The owner, Jim Brown did everything he could to make it right. The motto, "Like it never happened" is true. The workers were polite and very hard working. I would strongly recommend you contact them if you have any cleanup situation. 

Great Service! And employees! Thank you

Very nice, promt,and hard working men. Very pleased with the work!

I had water damage in my home and SERVPRO was here within 15 mins! Due to their fast response the damage I received was minimum to what it could have been!! Thank you SERVPRO, Vinny & Jim Brown!!

 I can't say enough good things about Jim, Christina, and the whole crew who worked so hard for us after our flood. These folks are really on the ball!

 These folks are wonderful. They cleaned my house after a valve broke and flooded our family room. Mode set in, but Jim and his crew took care of it. Jim has comeback several times to ensure that there are no more issues. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Lowell.

Just wanted to let you know how grateful and impressed I have been with both your professionalism and the incredible job you did for us during our recent issues with Ice Dams. Our experience has been first class all the way when other service providers were giving us a waiting time of up to six weeks you made time to come do the initial analysis the day after my call. Your contractors were also highly skilled and highly professional - as well as reasonably priced. We couldn't be happier.

Excellent, and quick service! All the guys were great!

I wish to express my gratitude for a job extremely well done. The water damage sustained due to ice damming, and the subsequent mold remediation. It is unusual these days for a homeowner to experience such hassle-free, high quality results. Both jobs were scheduled promptly, attended to immediately, and completed as promised. Additionally, your workers were always polite and conscientious. I will recommend SERVPRO of Lowell with no reservations whatsoever.

Jose and his crew were outstanding. efficiant, polite, and very thorough. Thank yu for your excellent service!

"I had a clog in my sewer drain which caused a back-up of raw sewage into my unfinished basement. I called SERVPRO of Lowell on Tuesday at about 6pm and left a message, hoping to hear from them the next day. To my surprise, Vinnie called me back in about 15 minutes and said he'd send someone over the next morning to give me an estimate. Jim arrived Wednesday morning, checked out the situation, gave me an estimate, and said he could have a crew on site by 2pm. I took him up on it, and, sure enough, at 2pm, his crew arrived and started work. They cleaned what they could and made recommendations on removing what they could not. They had to move a washer and dryer and numerous smaller items. They finished in about two hours and left behind a dehumidifier to dry out the basement (having just washed down a lot of surfaces). In addition, they cleaned the stairs down to the basement and kitchen floor, since plumbers and such had been tracking through since the back-up. Vinnie, Jim, and the crew were all courteous and professional."